Dark Shadows Comic Strip Book

by  Kenneth Bruce Bald
Introduction by Richard Howell

Tradepaper; 152 pages
ISBN: 0-938817-39-6
7” x 10”, 468 panels

Price: $15.95

A  lonely vampire…

A cursed family…

A house of ghosts…

. . .  Plunge into the eerie world of suspense and terror with the Dark Shadows newspaper comic strip.

“Dark Shadows,” the premiere supernatural soap opera that originally aired as a daytime drama on ABC-TV from 1966-71, now attracts a vast new audience of young viewers to the serialized saga of Barnabas Collins, the sympathetic 175-year-old vampire. More than 100,000 fans watch the show daily on the SyFy channel or buy the episodes on MPI Home Video.

Dark Shadows: The Comic Strip Book offers the rare 1971-72 newspaper adaptation of the gothic television classic in its entirety for the first time, featuring a series of fascinating stories not seen on the television program.

By any standard, the Dark Shadows newspaper strip, which first appeared March 14, 1971, had expert, stunning visuals provided by illustrator Kenneth Bruce Bald.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Dark Shadows, Kenneth Bruce Bald has created original cover art and made available his complete set of artist’s proofs for reproduction in this commemorative volume.

Bald is a native New Yorker and a graduate of Pratt Institute who made his name with “Judd Saxon” (1958) and the long-running (22 years) Dr. Kildare strip. Bald’s contractual commitment to King Features for the Dr. Kildare series obligated him to pen the Dark Shadows strip under the pseudonym “K. Bruce.” Ken Bald is a New Jersey resident and the father of five children.

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