Hollywood’s Chinese Theatre: The Hands and Footprints of the Stars

by Stacey Endres and Robert Cushman
Foreword by Ginger Rogers

ISBN: 0-938817-28-0
“Hip Pocket” softcover edition; 64 pages
64 b&w photographs

Price: $9.95

A pocket version of Hollywood at Your Feet, this portable book  makes for the perfect companion while touring Tinsel Town. Hollywood’s Chinese Theatre gives details about the foot and handprints in the forecourt of the famous Grauman Chinese Theatre, and highlights the forecourt’s most popular stars.

Throughout its history and up to the present day, the theatre has served as a worldwide magnet to fans and tourists — more than 2 million visitors annually — who flock to the site daily to view the flamboyant architecture and the historic cement squares. The footprints, handprints, and signatures of over 200 of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities include those of three comedy teams, one set of quintuplets, two robots and a villainous sci-fi characters, one ventriloquist’s dummy, two horses, and the world’s most famous duck!

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